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Earth-friendly cleaning for your home.


GreenSweep Cleaning Services has been caring for the homes of Goshen, IN since 2006.

Committed to using family and earth-friendly products that leave homes feeling fresh and comfortable, we promise to create a positive, customized cleaning experience unique to each client’s needs.


We offer routine cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens and common spaces, including floors and dusting.

Ask us about weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions - depending on your needs and preference.

Everyone deserves to have a clean, healthy space to call home.

Contact us today - we'd love to help you!

"We look forward to 'Amber Day.' The GreenSweep crew treats our house with respect

and affection. When we come home after their visit, we enjoy a clean, friendly space

that reflects their stewardship of our home and the planet."

Bethany & Marshall  |  Goshen, IN

Amber Near, Owner

Amber founded Greensweep

in 2006. Non-toxic and earth-friendly products have been central to Amber's approach, tailored to each clients needs. What started as a part-time business has expanded to full-time work with several employees. Her background in caring for people is apparent in

the way she now cares for the spaces they call home. Amber's personal attention to detail shows itself not only in cleaning and products, but also in the personal interactions with those who live there. For Amber, caring for homes means caring for people.

Amber Near
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